Juno Beach Pictures - Canada D-Day

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Lt McCormic & Tank Crew, First Hussars
One troop of First Hussars tanks commanded by Lt. W.F. McCormick made it all the way to the north edge of Secqueville-en-Bessin on D-Day. The troop had probably got closer to the final objective than any other element of the Allies' seaborne assault forces, but finding themselves isolated without infantry or anti-tank support they retraced their steps and rejoined the regiment. From left to right: O.K.Hunter (Gunner), A.Perkins (Driver), Lt. Bill McCormick (In charge), J. Pritchard (Driver), Edison Pollock (Loader).
14th Field Regiment 14th Field Regiment
14th Field Regiment crew standing in front of a "Priest". The Priest was a self-propelled gun used by the Canadian artillery regiments. The 105-mm howitzer fired a 33-pound high explosive shell up to 11,500 yards and could also be used against tanks.
Lt Brown & 4th Troop, Fort Garry B Sqn Lt Brown & 4th Troop, Fort Garry B Sqn
B Squadron, Fort Garry Horse, landed at 'Nan White' beach near Bernières in support of the Queen's Own Rifles. 'B' Squadron did a loop back patrol from Beny-sur-Mer past Fontaine Henri down to near Thaon and then back east to Anguerny. At about 15:00 they reached Hill 70 and could see the Carpiquet airfield. Lt Brown's tank was hit while racing towards Hill 70 and he became the first officer to be killed in B Squadron.
Back Row – left to right:  Lt. Norman Brown, Jacque McCrank, Doug Elliot, Arnold Wickes, Dixie Davis, Don Sinclair, Ken Hutchison, Alastair Innes-Ker
Front Row: Joe Pethybridge, unknown, Ron Chabot, Bob Elliot, William (Ed) Shineton, Wes Lane,  (not in picture Glen McLennan)

Universal Carrier Crews, Queen's Own Rifles
Lt. Stan Biggs briefing Universal Carrier flame-thrower crews of the Queen's Own Rifles.

North Shore company commander briefs his officers